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COVID-19, breakthroughs and the state of medicine in Northeast Ohio: Three big names in health care on the "Health Yeah! With Monica Robins" podcast

The three Presidents/CEOs of Northeast Ohio's biggest hospital systems sit down in a rare interview with Senior Health Correspondent Monica Robins.
Credit: WKYC Studios

CLEVELAND — After more than 20 years covering health, wellness and Northeast Ohio’s bustling medical scene, WKYC Senior Health Correspondent Monica Robins is branching out into the world of podcasting.

“Health Yeah! With Monica Robins” will cover a timely medical topic every week, things that will no doubt impact you and those you love.

In Episode 1 of “Health Yeah! With Monica Robins,” you get a seat at the table as Monica speaks with all three CEOs of Northeast Ohio’s biggest healthcare institutions, in a rare interview. They spoke about the COVID-19 pandemic, the general future of health care, the major breakthroughs and advancements we can expect to see and job creation in our area.

In the conversation, you’ll hear from Dr. Tom Mihaljevic, President and CEO of Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Cliff Megerian, President and CEO of University Hospitals, and Dr. Akram Boutros, President and CEO of MetroHealth.

There is no way in health you want to go to just any website when it comes to information about your health and well-being. And since there’s a lot of confusing health information floating around the internet, at the end of each podcast, there will be vetted websites you can turn to for information. All of our local hospital systems provide a ton of medical information on a variety of subjects both in the news and what may impact you directly. Check out the Cleveland Clinic website, University Hospitals website, and MetroHeath's website.

Links to listen to Health Yeah! With Monica Robins:

Follow @monicarobins on Twitter and Instagram and on Facebook, Monica Robins (WKYC) to stay tuned in on upcoming podcasts and health news. Stay well and have a healthy week!

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