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The COVID-fighting medicine cabinet: What works and what doesn’t on “Health Yeah! With Monica Robins”

University Hospitals' Chief Science Officer speaks about the treatments being studied to help COVID-19 patients recover.

CLEVELAND — There are hundreds, if not thousands, of clinical trials related to COVID-19 and treatment for the virus going on across the United States. And that includes right here in Northeast Ohio.

3News’ Senior Health Correspondent Monica Robins recently got a chance to speak with Dr. Grace McComsey, the Vice President of Research and Chief Science Officer at University Hospitals in Cleveland. Right now, Dr. McComsey and her team are in the midst of conducting about 200 clinical trials on potential treatments for COVID-19. Some of them, you’ve heard of and some of them you may have forgotten about.

Ivermectin, convalescent plasma, monoclonal antibodies and other new therapies are being discussed as treatments for patients with severe cases of COVID-19.

Dr. McComsey also gave some insight into basic items you can keep in your medicine cabinet that may help get you through COVID if you catch it. During her study, Dr. McComsey said the levels of vitamin D and vitamin K2 in your blood impacted the severity of illness in patients with COVID-19.

If you want vetted and credible information regarding research studies on COVID or any other illness, check out this website that lists clinical trials. If you’d like to take part in one of the studies Dr. McComsey was talking about, CLICK HERE.

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