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Gov. Mike DeWine proposes overhaul of Ohio's Medicaid system

At his press briefing on Tuesday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine discussed his proposed overhaul of the state's Medicaid managed care system.

While he typically uses his press briefings to address the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine sometimes uses his time in front of the camera to discuss other matters as well.

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On Tuesday, DeWine did just that, announcing a "new vision" for Ohio's Medicaid program, which would mark the state's "first major overhaul of Medicaid in 15 years." The plan will focus on children with complex needs, emphasize specialized care and give doctors and providers more time to spend with patients.

According to DeWine, beginning on Wednesday, a new application will be available for businesses interested in providing managed care plans for children and adults within the Medicaid program. DeWine said that the selected plans will be "an essential piece in improving the health and lives of millions of Ohioans."

Per DeWine, the selected plans work with his administration to build better systems of care. It will also play a special role in helping its members develop good health habits.

Any changes to Ohio’s managed care plans will not disrupt the coverage or access to care for any person already covered by Medicaid. The new managed care program, which is called Ohio RISE, will increase evidence-based care coordination, as well as behavioral health programs throughout the state, which will help to ensure access for more children and better outcomes.


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