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As election nears, anxiety is on the rise

A local psychiatrist says the upcoming election is adding more anxiety to what is an already stressful time.

CLEVELAND — On top of stress from the COVID-19 pandemic, anxiety related to the Presidential election continues to build. So much so, that University Hospitals Psychiatrist Dr. Francoise Adan says she’s preparing for an increase calls next week. 

“This is a unique time where we are so divided by who we are supporting for our next president, but the irony we are also united by all being so stressed about it,” says Dr. Adan.

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As voters head to the polls, mental health experts are gearing up for the political fallout.

“I think that all of us in mental health are expecting a lot of phone calls right after the election,” says Dr. Adan.

If your preferred presidential candidate doesn’t win, Dr. Adan says give yourself time to grieve the political loss.

“Those emotions are extreme, sometimes. But guess what? They are only emotions. They will be transient and eventually they will pass,” says Dr. Adan.

It’s also advised you avoid social media.

“This is about emotional danger, it’s about being made fun of or bullied, disrespected. Do you really want to expose yourself to it,” questions Dr. Adan.

If your anxiety and or depression over the nation’s political future persists, don’t hesitate to get help.

“If the discomfort, the depression, the sadness, the anger, is truly overwhelming you, not only for hours or days but for weeks, then it’s time to reach out,” says Dr. Adan.