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Vision problems? Your electronics may be the issue

People are looking at screens more and for longer periods of time; this places a greater strain on your eyes.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Most people are glued to electronic devices throughout the day and doctors say it's putting a real strain on their eyes.

There’s a name for it: Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS.)

“More people do spend time on screens and so I think that risk factor has gotten worse,” explains Dr. Craig See, of Cleveland Clinic’s Cole Eye Institute.

“There’s no doubt that people are using screens more and that’s one of the things I always ask about for people with dry eyes is how much time they’re spending on a screen or reading.”

Dr. See says if you’re really focused on something you won’t blink as much as you normally would, which could cause dry eyes.

Symptoms of CVS include blurry vision, burning or irritation of the eye, watery eye, neck strain and headache or soreness around the eyes.

Dr. See recommends any screens be viewed slightly below eye level.

“If something’s up too high, you might have to change your neck position. Your eye also is more open if you have to look up as opposed to looking level or slightly below level,” he explains.

If you start to notice your eyes getting dry or blurry vision, take a break.

Dr. See recommends letting the eyes rest every 20 minutes.  In general, if your eyes are bothering you, keep track of what’s causing your symptoms.

If issues persist after taking a break and using artificial tear drops, you may need glasses or there could be another condition at play. In that case, contact your doctor.