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Fairy tale outcome for twins who share birth defect

You never realize how precious a whisper is until you can’t hear it… That was the reality for the Szabo family.

CLEVELAND — "It was very hard to cope with the thought that they couldn't hear me say, 'Mommy loves you,' or sing them lullabies."

The Szabo twins -- Claire and Emily -- were born with microtia atresia, a rare genetic birth defect of the ear.

“We had no idea what to do. When you’re the dad you're expected to fix everything. Well, I couldn’t fix this!”

But he didn’t have to because after the twins failed the Ohio state hearing test, they were contacted by Cleveland Hearing & Speech and received the Baha 5 Power System hearing aid.

"It's the best hearing aid out there on a soft band, because they don't have ears to clip a hearing aid on to," their mom said.

It was a simple solution that literally changed their lives.

Claire and Emily sport their hearing aid with style, making it easy for support to roll in at the annual Big Wheel relay, an event designed to raise money for the Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center.

"It's so much fun at the Big Wheel race," one of the twins excitedly said. "The Big Wheel race is a time where family and friend can come."

This year's Big Wheel event takes place June 22 from 1-4 p.m. at Lincoln Park in Tremont. CLICK HERE to learn more and see how you can make a donation.

"I am forever grateful for every donor out there," their mom said. "Cleveland Hearing & Speech does wonderful work for so many people. They're there to help everyone."