CLEVELAND – The first medical marijuana dispensary in the city is expected to open its doors any day now. Today Channel 3 was allowed to visit The Botanist located just a mile east of downtown.

The location is one of 3 to dispensaries opened by Greenleaf Apotecaries, LLC in Northeast Ohio – the others located in Canton and Wickliffe.

CEO Dave Neundorfer says he’s happy to finally have a location that’s easily accessible for customers.

“I know patients have been waiting a long time for this,” said Neundorfer. “So hopefully we’ll be able to save them the drive time to get down to Canton or Wickliffe.”

The location looks more like an Apple Store for Marijuana and features state of the art security, as required by the state. But for Neundorfer, providing information to patients is the most important part of the job.

“Our designated representatives have run retail pharmacies, so they have deep medical backgrounds. They’ll be very familiar with all the qualifying conditions and they’ll be able to make specific recommendations for specific health outcomes.”

The state has already approved the location and official licensing should be in place in the coming weeks. At that time, Neundorfer expects for them to be able to sell flower marijuana products with edibles and other processed forms of marijuana on the way soon.

“As soon as they’re available, they’ll be offered here,” he said. “We’re talking tinctures, we’re talking capsules, edibles. Probably more familiar modalities to patients who may not be as familiar with actual plant product and vaporizers.”

The first marijuana processor received its certificate of operation last week, just in time to meet demand at the downtown Cleveland location.

“We want patients to be able to ask questions from start to finish,” said Neundorfer. This allows the medical marijuana buying process to be as simple as possible for patients – a key to the program’s success.