CLEVELAND - Ten more people, all over the age of 80, have died from the flu in the past week. That brings the total flu deaths this season to 26.

So, does everything you hear about preventing or treating the flu or the common cold actually work?

Dr. Roxanne Sukol, of the Cleveland Clinic, says sleep and fluids is the way to go, but what about supplements designed to be taken when symptoms show?

She says there's research that shows it works and there's research that says it doesn't. She believes that if it worked for everyone all the time, we'd all be using it already.

Dr. Sukol also said going outside in the cold with a wet head doesn't do anything, so shower away.

Starve a cold and feed a fever? She says there's no basis for it. It's okay to go without eating a few days when you're sick and lose your appetite, but you have to get your fluids

What about vitamin C? Some people swear by eating oranges or taking vitamins when they start to get sick. Dr. Sukol says that's what you should be doing beforehand to help prevent the illness.

What about Chicken Soup?

Dr. Sukol says, "I tend to believe in the wisdom of the ages. There's probably a reason why we don't say that about tomato soup or New England clam chowder, but it's particularly chicken soup…so I'm willing to go with that."

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