CLEVELAND -- Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic have seen more than a few serious cases of child flu hospitalizations -- and none of them received their flu shots.

Every year, physicians remind us of the dangers of not getting vaccinated before the sick season, but this year it's rearing its ugly head earlier than expected.

“In other years, we're usually praying that influenza is coming about Christmas time so that the holiday breaks the cycle by getting kids out of exposure in the classroom,” Dr. Ellen Rome said. “We're getting it super early, and we're expecting it to hit big."

Last year, there were 180 child deaths due to the flu, and about 80 percent of them weren't vaccinated.

Plain and simple, that means you can lower your child’s risk of getting the flu by getting them vaccinated.

The good news is that doctors said this shot has what it takes to protect you.

"The kids who have been hospitalized, did not receive the flu vaccine,” Dr. Rome said. “We know that this is the right vaccine this year. It's a good year to get the flu shot."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it takes about two weeks for the shot to be effective.

Don’t wait, it’s recommended to get the shot for you and your child now and with insurance, it's typically free of charge.