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GERM TEST | From door handles to cell phones: How dirty are they?

During the holidays we spend more time with friends, family, even strangers and those interactions are a prime time for germs to spread.

Cleveland — During the holidays we spend more time with friends, family and even strangers. These extra interactions mean it's prime time for germs to spread.

WKYC performed its own research* to test the cleanliness of some of the more common surfaces we touch this time of year.

With the help of University Hospitals, a luminometer was used to test Adenosine Triphosphate. Plain and simple, the reader allowed us to check for general cleanliness.

Melissa Braskie, UH Environmental Health and Safety Manager, says they use the device to make sure areas in the hospital have been cleaned properly.

The higher the number the dirtier the surface. Here’s what we tested, and the numbers associated with the area:

- Grocery cart handle: 225

- Treadmill handle: 235

- Kitchen faucet handle: 475

- Cell phone: 525

- Car steering wheel-712

- Desk surface-826

- Door handle-935

*This is just for general information purposes and results can vary.