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Health Heroes: Woman brings love for cleaning and patients to MetroHealth

Janice Longcoy, a 19-year veteran of MetroHealth's Environmental Services team, shares dedication and responsibility.

CLEVELAND — Janice Longcoy knows that she is the first line of defense against infection. She is a 19-year veteran of MetroHealth's Environmental Services team - cleaning patient rooms daily.

"I gotta come in, it's my job to come in. If I'm sitting at home then I have to worry if these rooms are getting cleaned right. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I didn't go in here and give it my all," Longcoy told 3News in a recent interview.

She says she loves cleaning, but there's so much more she loves about her job.

"I absolutely enjoy meeting people. During this COVID, they don't have visitors, so the only ones they see is the nurses, doctors and, of course, me," she said. "So I go in, and I sit with those are that are able to talk that are not intubated. I start a conversation with them, just trying to cheer them up and put a smile on their face."

Despite the known risks of exposure to COVID-19, Longcoy tells 3News she never considered stepping away from her work and remains as dedicated as ever to her responsibilities.

"I treat that patient like it's my family in that room, and I want it cleaned just like it is my my family," Longcoy said.

She says she's just happy to continue doing her job, and though her face may be covered by a mask, she's bringing a smile and positive outlook along with her.

"I'm a believer, and I believe that it's this is going to pass, and I think we're going to be alright. I really I do. [I hope] patients stay strong and we can get through this together."


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