Drug use is like taking a blunt object to the delicate symphony of your brain.

So said Farid Sabet, M.D., Chief Clinical Officer of the ADAMHS board of Cuyahoga County.

We spoke with a graphic illustrator as we spoke with Sabet to learn the how heroin affects the body.

It's a brain disease, Sabet said, that can lean to physical changes like depression, personalty changes, G.I. problems, and general infections.

When the drug is ingested into the body, it lights up a feeling of euphoria in our brain, and works to mimic many of the body's systems.

After a user's first time getting high, it takes a higher and higher dose to recreate the feeling.

Take a look at the graphic below to get a bigger understanding on how the brain works.

<p>Source: Farid Sabet, M.D. Cheif Clinical Officer for ADAMHS of Cuyahoga County</p>