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'I am doing quite well' | 3News' Monica Robins shares video update following brain surgery

On Saturday, Robins took to social media to provide all of us with a video update.

CLEVELAND — Last month, 3News' Senior Health Correspondent Monica Robins revealed that she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and would be undergoing surgery to remove it. 

The more than 9-hour surgery took place in late October and was considered a success, even though doctors weren't able to remove every bit of what they believe is a benign brain tumor.  

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As we've reported, Monica is doing well and progressing like the fighter we know her to be. But, as of Saturday, you no longer have to take 3News' word for it. 

On Saturday, Robins took to social media to provide all of us with a video update. 

"Hey everybody it's your friendly neighborhood brain tumor survivor Monica Robins," the video opens. 

In the 4-minute video, Robins walks us through her journey post surgery discussing everything from getting released from the hospital early, to getting more than 50 staples removed from her head and even her current vision struggles. 

But all in all, she says while she knows she has a long way to go, "I'm doing quite well." 

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Robins also expresses her gratitude to everyone that has taken the time out to wish her well and share their own medical journey's with her. 

" I cannot thank you all enough. I am utterly convinced,all of that positive energy has helped me get me where I am today. And I can not truly thank you enough from the bottom of my heart." 

You can watch the full video in the YouTube player below:

You can continue to share your well wishes with Monica on social media and beyond using the hashtag, #MonicaRocks. 

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