CLEVELAND — In 2018, Mental health was brought to the forefront of conversations worldwide. 

With shows like 13 Reasons Why and more people of influence speaking out about their own mental health struggles than ever before; it was impossible to ignore the topic. 

Indi Group LLC, a local media outlet, is hoping to shed light on the subject within the African American community with a mental health awareness showcase titled "Through the Fire."

" In the black community we struggle a lot with mental health and we don’t like to touch on mental health a lot, it’s just kinda taboo within our community," said Jada Renee, CEO of Indi Group LLC. 

But mental health in the African American community is a real issue. African Americans are 20% more likely to experience serious mental health problems than the general population, according to the Office of Minority Health.

" I feel like a subconscious way the black community does deal with mental health is through the arts. Hip-hop, regular art that you see, graffiti artists; it’s coming from a place of anxiety, trauma. Sometimes, mostly all the time," said Renee. 

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The idea for the showcase came after Renee and her mother survived a house fire in June 2018. Following the fire, Renee says she became numb and was in search of mental clarity-- so she turned to art and entrepreneurship. 

"I felt like within that moment, I can’t be negative cause this is happening for a reason it's bigger than something that I will ever know so I think I’m realizing why I kind of went through the fire," she said.

The showcase is her way of finally letting the world into her realm following the debilitating fire. 

"Helping artists is my form of art, but like I actually create within my... I don't know what this is, my own realm of creativity but people don’t know that," she said. 

The showcase will feature fashion, dancers, musicians, poets, artists and many other talented creatives. 

In addition to entertainment, Jada will also present an scholarship to a high school senior from her alma mater, St. Martin De Porres. The scholarship is awarded in hopes of encouraging individuality and the artistic expression of the recipient in their future career path after graduation. 

"Through the Fire" will take place Thursday, January 17 at Lake Affect Studios  from 7 to 11 p.m.

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"Love yourself. All 2019, love on yourself and get some money."- Jada Renee