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#MonicaRocks: 3News’ Monica Robins receives outpouring of support after revealing brain tumor diagnosis

We have a link here to send Monica your well wishes!

For years, 3News’ Senior Health Correspondent Monica Robins has dedicated her life to reporting on the journeys of those battling rare and life-threatening injuries.

On Monday, during 3News' What Matters Most, Robins revealed that she has begun a health journey of her own.

For years, she had been dealing with a nagging problem in her left eye, first thought to be allergies, then possibly an autoimmune disorder.

But an MRI revealed something far more serious: a tumor, pressing against her eye and brain's left hemisphere. 

Send Monica your well wishes:

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While there are variables that remain unknown regarding Robins’ treatment plan and road to recovery, what is known is that she has a massive support team behind her.

Thousands of people took to social media after hearing Monica’s story. People from all the corners of Northeast Ohio and beyond applauded Robins for her bravery, while others shared their own struggles, offering her hope. 

You can send her your well wishes using #MonicaRocks on social media.

Monica has graciously agreed to share her journey with us, so as updates become available, we'll share them with you. But, in the meantime, we’ll continue to support her and lift her up during this difficult time. If you too would like to share your support, you can do so by using the hashtag, #MonicaRocks

See some of the responses below.

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