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New device uses patient’s own skin cells to heal burns

MetroHealth's burn unit using Recell technology

CLEVELAND — There’s new hope for burn patients faced with skin grafts and scars. 

Recell is a Autologous Cell Harvesting Device that can treat acute thermal burn wounds in patients. At this time it’s only approved for patients older than 18.

Sarah Sloan was the first patient at MetroHealth to benefit from the device.

Last Christmas while she was in her kitchen cooking, a can of cooking spray fell on the stove burner and exploded. It caused 60% of Sarah’s body to be burned.

The Recell device is regenerative medicine, the technique uses FDA-approved Spray-On Skin Cells, providing quicker healing times and shorter hospital stays vs. the current standard for burn care.

While a skin graft is still necessary, not as much skin is needed and the device replicates the skin cells into a liquid that is sprayed over the burn site.

Healing time is cut by at least a third and the burns heal better and with less scarring.

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