Imagine pain relief, without the surgery or dangerous prescriptions. A new treatment can help those plagued by joint pain, with just physical therapy.

78-year-old Dan Marks saw his friends getting joint replacement surgery and wanted to try to prevent that. He is now the biggest supporter of radiofrequency ablation.

He was always on the go, until like millions of Americans, severe knee pain sidelined him. Although knee replacement surgery was an option, he wanted to avoid the long recovery.

That's when Marks found out that Cleveland Clinic Akron General offered radiofrequency ablation. He became one of Dr. Joshua Goldner's patients.

Marks underwent a small invasive procedure for five minutes that relieved the pain by deactivating certain nerves in the knee. He says the ablation lasts for 8 to 10 months and now gives him the energy he needs to do the things he loves.

In fact, he stands by the procedure so much, he even passed out brochures to his friends.