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The psychology behind Spring Cleaning

Why clearing the clutter can ease the stress from your mind.

CLEVELAND — There’s something about cleaning and organizing your stuff that’s such a mood booster. And it’s scientifically proven.

“Physical activity and exercise can release endorphins into the body and the brain, which makes us feel good and cleaning can fall under that category, therefore people find that cleaning is not just helpful because it, it makes them feel good from an emotional standpoint, but physically there are benefits as well,” said Cleveland Clinic psychologist, Dr. Adam Borland.

He added that clutter can contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety – and purging can help counteract those feelings.

“When we’re active, we remove the quote unquote kind of stuff in our lives that are weighing us down, it can be very freeing and it does provide a sense of accomplishment that can be very healing,” Dr. Borland said.

With ‘Clean Tok’ on TikTok becoming more popular, more people are getting exposed to ways they can take charge of the clutter and mess in their lives.
But if getting started makes you feel overwhelmed, Dr. Borland says there are some simple ways you can overcome it.

“If you identify one small section of that closet to straighten up or to clean, and then check that off your list, it can really feel like a sense of accomplishment. And then you potentially move on to the next section and setting a timer can be helpful for certain individuals,” Dr. Borland said.

He added that cleaning and organizing can help you enjoy the space you already have.  For example, when you clear the clutter off the dining room table so it can be actually used for eating instead of storing paperwork.

Set aside a day or a time to purge, organize and clean. You’ll boost your mood and help clear clutter from your space and your mind.

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Editor's note: The video above is from a previous Consumer Report with Monica Robins published on April 6, 2022.

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