MONCLOVA, Ohio — We Care Cleaning, located in Monclova, knows how quickly germs can spread through a house, but luckily enough, they also know how to combat them. 

"The flu virus lasts on hard surfaces for 24 hours and only ten minutes on soft," We Care Cleaning owner Kim Dickey said. 

She says while it's important to wash things like bedding, it's more important to focus on the hard surfaces you touch all the time like doorknobs, light switches, the remote control and your child's favorite video game controller. 

"Computers, mouses, keyboards. We touch them, we wipe our face, get sick and touch everything," Dickey added.

Now that we've narrowed our focus, what products are most effective? Dickey says it's pretty simple actually.  

"Alcohol or hydrogen peroxide do the same thing as bleach. Most people don't understand that and think about it, you go to the store and get the wipes from the store, they're alcohol-based," she said. 

All you have to do is mix half part water and half part of either hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. You can use a spray bottle or microfiber cloth to kill germs. Just make sure to let the solution sit for two minutes.  

Dickey says it's safe for the natural surfaces you have in your home, like granite.

If you don't like the smell, Dickey says you can add in some essential oils.

"Right now we are using eucalyptus oil, which is really good for the flu season and the orange also is a good cleanser and good for cleaning germs," she said.

Hopefully, these hacks can keep your family healthy this cold and flu season. 

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