CLEVELAND — There are many benefits to daily meditation -- some you may not expect.

Meditation expert, Ben Turshen, just opened a studio in Ohio City to guide people into a more peaceful state. 

“I didn't think I was the meditation type at all,” says Turshen.

He was more the fast-paced, high-stress type.

“I was an attorney. I was a lawyer in New York City and majorly, majorly stressed. ... I was really having a hard time with anxiety, and depression and insomnia. I had been in therapy for years, been on medication for years.”

After a panic attack on a beach in Mexico, Turshen decided to make a change. He started meditating daily. His anxiety was gone, insomnia vanished and he got off medication.

Wanting to share his method -- access meditation -- he just opened a studio here in Cleveland.

“For anybody at home, if you've tried to meditate on your own, the self-guided practice, I've yet to meet someone that that really works for. You need some specific methodology and some instruction for it, too.”

For more information on his method, check out Turshen's Web site.