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Suicide rates rising in Ohio and in the U.S.

In Ohio, suicides increased up to 37%. The highest rates in Northeast Ohio are in Ashtabula, Summit, Huron, Stark and Columbiana counties.

Each year nearly 45,000 Americans die by suicide.


That's the question everyone wants answered, but the reasons are often complex.

Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain showed us that fame, money and success doesn't make celebrities immune to mental health issues.

Suicide is a public health emergency and according to the Centers for Disease Control, in the last two decades, rates have gone up among adult men, women and children over age ten in 49 out of 50 states. Nevada is the exception only because it’s rate always remained high.

In Ohio, suicides increased up to 37 percent. The highest rates in Northeast Ohio are in Ashtabula, Summit, Huron, Stark and Columbiana counties.

So what are the reasons for the nation’s 10th leading cause of death?

Mental health disorders, such as depression are a common factor, but according to the CDC more than half of suicides did not have a diagnosed mental health condition at the time of death.

Other reasons may include recently going through a personal crisis, such as death or loss of a loved one, relationship issues, substance abuse, health related problems or financial hardship.

Military service is also a factor, as 20 veterans commit suicide every day according to the VA and make up about 18 percent of all suicides in the U.S.

Ohio mirrors the nation in that men are far more likely to commit suicide than women. Vast majority is white between the ages of 45-54 and majority were never married.

The light being shined on the two recent deaths is a wake-up call to talk about how we manage mental health and stress and the importance of removing stigma when it comes to getting help.

Because the sobering fact is for every completed suicide there are 25 attempts.

Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation county hotlines: http://www.ohiospf.org/resources.php

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