Scientist Ivan Pavlov gained fame for his work in conditioning. In his most famous experiment, he trained dogs to salivate by getting them to associate the sound of a bell with food.

Now a product being sold on promises to use conditioning to break you of your bad habits.

The makers of Pavlok Habit Conditioning Device claim it can help you stop smoking, eat less fast food, break the habit of biting your nails and prevent you from oversleeping by delivering an electric shock.

The device looks like a fitness tracker. Users download an app, tell the device what habit to watch for, and it will deliver a jolt when they misbehave.

Users can adjust the size of the shock.

A model just for stopping oversleeping costs $149, while the habit-breaking model costs $199.

Pavlok makers say one study showed users were able to stop smoking in as little as 10 days, while nail biters stopped within 5 days.

The product has three stars out of five on One of the five-star reviews says after four days they stopped hitting the snooze button. 

On the other hand, a one-star review said a $30 electric dog collar does the same job.

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