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Timer Caps: Putting the lid on opioid abuse

Compliance packaging is packaging that helps the patient take their medication as prescribed, now it's being used to help curb the opiate epidemic. 

Currently opioids are dispensed in a Child Resistant package like most other medications. However, studies show drug abuse can start in adolescents 12 and even younger. Often it starts at home with abuse of prescription medication. Better packaging, such as TimerCaps may help improve household prevention of opioid abuse.

What should families do if they have opioids in the medicine cabinet?

✔ Measure time since last dosage - Impaired patients need a foolproof way to know time of last dosage to know when it time and safe to take another dose.

✔ Monitor usage to know when it’s safe to get behind the wheel.

✔ Manage medication in the bottles they are dispensed - Medication and labeling should be together for the highest level of patient safety in case of emergencies.

✔ Detection of household diversion - Know if someone has been in the medication.

✔ Deterrent of unwanted openings - A likelihood of being caught reduces the attempts to steal

✔ Proper Habits for taking medication as prescribed

This is a daunting task for families to figure out and this is where compliance packaging can assist.

A simple compliance packaging solution can be purchased at CVS and Rite Aid Pharmacies for $9.99. TimerCaps give patients an easy way to remember when they last took medication.

The TimerCap is a cap with a built-in stopwatch. Every time you open up the cap, the timer stops counting and goes back to zero. This means the cap is not competing with labeling instructions, as it starts and resets every time its opened.

TimerCaps are inexpensive and have been proven to help patients take their medication as prescribed and may be a helpful tool for opioid tracking and diversion detection.

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