Indian Valley High School in Tuscarawas County is set to re-open on Tuesday after confirmation that a 14-year-old student who died last week had bacterial meningitis.

Indian Valley Superintendent Ira Wentworth told WKYC Channel 3 that because the health department was able to identify the strain, the district was able to go "above and beyond" in taking preventative measures for that particular strain, and the school and affected areas have been thoroughly cleaned and processed.

Wentworth made the same declaration in a letter sent to Indian Valley parents on Monday afternoon.

Indian Valley Local School Meningitis - Dec 18 Update by on Scribd

14-year-old Ryan Freeland passed away after school hours Thursday, and the next day an announcement was made to the student body and consolers were made available. It was only after that the Tuscarawas County Health Dept. notified the district of the likely cause of death.

On Monday, the department confirmed the case of bacterial meningitis was 'laboratory confirmed.'

According to a letter on the district's website, the student did not exhibit any symptoms until the day he died on Dec. 14. Individuals who came into "close" contact with the victim on that day were recommended to go to local hospitals to receive treatment.

The high school was closed Monday to allow cleaners to disinfect a restroom the student was in as well as his bus (Bus 24). All other schools in the Indian Valley district were open.

The health department added that meningitis is "less contagious than the common cold" and that those who did not come into close contact with the student should not be concerned.