Call it a dying wish.

A local woman wanted to live long enough to see her first grandchild born. But her health seemed to be failing quickly, so her nurses at University Hospitals formed a plan. They used hope, help, and healing to make all the difference for this Grandma.

LaTricia Motley has spent more days in the hospital than out of it this year. Her heart and lungs are failing, and often her only focus is on the next breath.

In the ICU and almost out of hope, Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner Lori Ruder wasn't about to let LaTricia give up. "I knew that her goal was to live long enough to see her grandson born," she says.

"Mission: Get Grandma to Kevin" was born. And LaTricia's medical team was more than determined.

"People signed up to be on call at a moments notice and as it got closer, nobody was sleeping," Ruder recalls.

"All the nurses, everybody got on board with it," says LaTricia. "I love these people here, they are my family. It kept my mind off of being in the ICU the whole time."

As daughter Felicia's due date came closer, LaTricia's health began to slowly improve. "Something we looked forward to every day and it was like a goal. I think that gave her strength and hope to look forward to Kevin."

Finally it was time, and Latricia was well enough to just need a wheelchair and an oxygen tank.

“I’ve been waiting for this day since the day she told me she was pregnant,” said Latricia.

After 36 hours, her daughter need an emergency C-section. Latricia’s first view of her new grandson came on a phone.

But not long after, mission accomplished.

Even if someone has a life threatening illness, hope can be powerful no matter what that is.