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The vitamin and supplement guide you didn’t know you really needed on the 'Health Yeah! With Monica Robins' podcast

What works, and what are you taking incorrectly, when it comes to vitamins and supplements on this edition of Health Yeah! With Monica Robins.

CLEVELAND — Health Yeah, this podcast had to start with some sass and a little rock and roll, but the info you'll be able to listen to goes far beyond a normal 90 second news story. 

I'm bringing you clear, concise, simple to understand medical information that you can put to use in your every day life.

For example, this week's episode is about vitamins and supplements. Are there hidden dangers in your medicine cabinet? 

Do you take your vitamins and supplements the right way? Or, are you just wasting your money? 

The vitamin and supplement industry is mostly unregulated, and it's worth more than $31 billion in the U.S. But there’s a lot we don’t know about vitamins and supplements, and in some cases, even our doctors can’t explain what we need to know.

Dr. Fady Abdlrasul, Pharm. D. is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at Northeast Ohio Medical University. He walks us through what we need to know and maybe more importantly how not to waste our money. 

For example did you know not to take certain minerals with antibiotics?

"That iron supplement binds to the antibiotic and causes it to not work as effectively, if at all," Dr. Abdlrasul said.

What should you look for on the bottle to make sure you're getting quality ingredients in an unregulated industry?

"Look for that USP seal, USP stands for United States Pharmacopeial, so that tells you that company is using good manufacturing practices in their facilities when they are developing those vitamins and supplements," Dr. Adblrasul said.

This is the sixth episode available on Health Yeah, the others include interviews relating to colon cancer, medicare fraud, how to manage your health insurance and what you should have in your covid medicine cabinet. Check in each week for a new episode, and if you have topic ideas, don't hestitate to send them my way.

Listen to Health Yeah! With Monica Robins below for what you need to look for in your vitamins, supplements and herbals, what will help you during the pandemic, which vitamins and supplements can be a bad mix with your medication and dozens of other great tidbits of info you didn’t know you actually needed.

You can also find additional information on vitamins and supplements on the United States Department of Agriculture's website by clicking HERE.

Links to listen to Health Yeah! With Monica Robins:

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You can also watch Monica's Health Yeah! interview with Dr. Fady Abdlrasul below:

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