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What is the Plant Paradox Diet and could it work for you?

Singer Kelly Clarkson recently lost 37 pounds using the 'Plant Paradox' diet. Could it work for you? Senior health correspondent Monica Robins investigates.

Have you seen Kelly Clarkson lately? She looks good.

The singer lost 37 pounds recently by following a diet called The Plant Paradox.

Clarkson says a change in her diet enabled her to get off her thyroid medicine. The 37 pound weight loss was just a side effect.

She read the book ‘The Plant Paradox,’ by cardiac surgeon Dr. Steven Gundry.

“It's basically about how we cook our food, non-GMO, no pesticides, eating really organic,” she says.

That makes sense, but Dr. Gundry claims the number one danger in the American diet is a toxic protein hidden in plants called lectins. Lectins are found in foods like wheat, beans, potatoes, nuts and dairy, so the diet either eliminates these foods, or finds replacements.

“I think for most people, lectins really aren't an issue, especially if you're cooking your foods really well. So the majority of lectins are completely eliminated,” says Cleveland Clinic Registered Dietician Ariana Cucuzza.

She adds different diets work for different people.

“Any time that you're cutting out a lot of processed foods and really focusing on eating more whole foods, you're gonna lose weight and you're gonna feel better,” Cucuzza says.

Clarkson says the biggest drawback to the diet is that it's expensive. We picked up the organic, non-GMO ingredients for Gundry's Miracle noodles with pesto and broccoli. It cost us $29.18.

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We also picked up regular items to make the same dish at a cost of $13.62.

Cucuzza suggests meeting with a dietician to determine what's best for you and to ask yourself what’s realistic and sustainable for you.

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