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World Sleep Day: Tips for getting a good night's rest

March is National Sleep Awareness Month.

CLEVELAND — One in three Americans don't get enough sleep. Are you one of them?

Think of sleep like giving your brain a shower.  It helps it reset and recharge and that not only helps your brain, but also your body.  

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Lack of adequate sleep can impact your mood and lead to depression.  It can also impact your cardiovascular health, your weight, your immune system, and pretty much everything that helps you function during the day. 

Most adults need seven to nine hours a night, but many have issues falling asleep, staying asleep or sticking to a steady sleep schedule. 

Make sleep a priority. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Quit the caffeine early in the day. 
  • Put away the phone, tablet, computer and shut off the TV at least an hour before bedtime. 
  • Stick to a consistent bedtime and wake time. Just try this for a week and see how you feel.

Keep in mind, over-the-counter sleeping pills and alcohol rarely allow you to get the deep sleep you actually need. 

Talk to your healthcare provider about supplements such as melatonin and magnesium and what doses would be beneficial for you.

Snoring is not normal. Talk to a sleep specialist about potential sleep disorders that may impact you down the road. 

And finally, take your sleep seriously. Lack of sleep or irregular sleep patterns may indicate your risk for Alzheimer's or dementia.

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