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Young couple from Northeast Ohio extra grateful this year after unexpected stroke nearly ruined their wedding, future life together

During Nate and Alayna's wedding reception, Alayna started to notice Nate show symptoms of a stroke and did not hesitate to act.

CLEVELAND — Whether you're thankful for the larger things in life or thankful for the everyday moments, one couple from Northeast Ohio says they are extra thankful for health this year.

Nate and Alayna Basile recently got married this summer at Lago in the Flats and the party was just getting started at the reception, but there was a sudden turn of events.

Alayna noticed that Nate was starting to slur his words and his face was getting droopy. "He was speaking gibberish," said Alayna, who immediately called her family over for help, then 911.

Nate told 3News that he woke up in an ambulance, then the hospital where he learned he had a stroke.

"I have had two open-heart surgeries and one of my heart valves was replaced with a mechanical valve," Nate added. He also said that he takes blood thinners regularly, and a clot had formed around the heart valve then traveled to his brain, causing the stroke.

Dr. Peter Rasmussen from the Cleveland Clinic said for patients who have artificial heart valves or fibrillation, it's something they need to be aware of.

"I don't know why the blood clot formed in Nate's case, it can happen even in a setting with the proper setting of blood-thinning with the medications he's on," Dr. Rasmussen said. "Those medications are really only going to reduce the risk."

"I am very thankful that we had all of our family around us during the wedding, when the stroke happened, afterwards, and when it continued. I am very thankful for her [Alayna] for acting when she saw something that looked odd. And I know a lot of people are hesitant to call for help if something seems weird, but it was never a question for her. She immediately called for help and everybody acted right away. If that didn't happen I would not have the same outcome," said Nate.

In sickness and in health, the lucky couple tested their strengths.

"We still ended up with a happy ending at least," added Alayna.

The couple is currently living in Oklahoma while Nate finishes his Ph.D. in Psychology. They plan to move back to Ohio after graduation.


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