CANTON, Ohio — There's a lot of girl power spread across two city blocks in Canton, Ohio - home to the National First Ladies Library and National First Ladies Historic Site.

Mary Regula, the wife of longtime local congressman Ralph Regula, established the national library in 1995 after realizing there hadn't been an organized effort to preserve the legacies of American First Ladies. She was inspired by 25th First Lady Ida Saxton McKinley, who also hailed from Canton.

Current President and CEO Jennifer Highfield said Regula  pushed to start the library after struggling to find information on First Ladies, "The original intent was for it just to be the library and to continue that philosophy of education and research, but as time went on and things happened, it became a museum."

Today, visitors can tour The Ida Saxton McKinley House, and check out exhibits at the nearby Education and Research Center, where items and artifacts from former First Ladies, including Michelle Obama are on display.

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