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How many times does your cell phone interrupt you during class? 1 teacher set out to find the answer

"Cell phones can be toxic to a learning environment."
Credit: Mary Garza/Facebook

In this technological age we are living in, it is an issue that has plagues educators: Students becoming distracted by their cell phones and electronic devices.

One teacher, it appears, had enough, and offered up an experiment of sorts to her class: All students would put their phones on loud, and each time any one of them got a notification, it would be tallied up on the board.

The results were later posted on the Facebook page of Joe Becigneul, a trustee at Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools in Alberta, Canada. When the students combined their total notifications (Facebook, texting, etc.), hundreds of tallies had to be written up. And oh yeah, this was just for a single class period, not even the entire day.

A teacher in the U.S. had her students turn their phones on loud, and every time they received a notification they went up and put a tally mark under the correct category. This was one class, one...

"Every one of these tally marks is an interruption in a students education," Becigneul wrote, adding an American teacher named Mary Garza was the one who came up with the idea. "Cell phones can be toxic to a learning environment."