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BUY IT NOW: $70 off Apple HomePod with free shipping

I never thought I would like the Apple HomePod. I've been enamored with Alexa for years and I never really understood how Apple could charge $350 for what I figured was essentially a larger Echo. I also host a live TV show for Amazon so I spend hours every week strengthening my relationship with Alexa. Today, with a $70 deal that I just hunted down, I will eat some of my words.

If you have an iPhone or any appreciation of Siri, the Apple HomePod is a spectacular way to make your whole home more intelligent.  More importantly, the HomePod is one of the best speakers I've ever tested. It's beautiful and the sound truly is unprecedented. Compared to the Amazon Echo available for a fraction of the price on sale this week for $69.99, the HomePod is just as responsive but the bass and overall audio is more striking.

While the Echo or Echo Plus can fill a room or entire floor of your house with tremendous sound, the HomePod can entertain a large loud party. Is it worth the $350? Not in my opinion. But today at $70 off, if you have a strong tie to the Apple eco-system and want extremely loud sound merged with home automation, I'd consider the HomePod.

In addition to controlling your lights, thermostat, sprinklers, alarm system, locks and putting information and music at your disposal by asking a question, the HomePod has one feature not available with Echo. The Apple HomePod has "spatial awareness that senses its location." In my audio tests, it simply means the HomePod's audio output adjusts to the noise of its surroundings. Is the feature a game-changer? Nope, but it is helpful.

Should you buy the Amazon Echo or the HomePod? My preference the Echo, but I will tell you the sound of the HomePod is unparalleled and at $70 off, it's worth a look today.

BUY IT NOW: $70 off Apple HomePod with free shipping
Was: $349.99
Now: $279.99


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