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BUY IT HERE: 50% Off Power Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds + Free Shipping

The season’s top wireless steal is online just in time for back-to-school or those remaining outdoor summer adventures.

Whether you’re looking to stream music or make sure you can successfully talk on your smartphone in a noisy setting, these Bluetooth headphones are the answer.

It’s rare to find a pair of high fidelity Bluetooth headphones that offers solid bass, fantastic phone-call quality and noise cancellation under $50.

The power wireless headphones that sold out on Prime Day are now back in stock and I was shocked by just how much you can get for $25 thanks to this returning sale.

These headphones are great for any busy commute, studying, the outdoors and ideal for the gym. While they do have a harder life-proof plastic build (which your ears will get used to very quickly), they are more durable than anything at triple the price.

Click the play button to see these headphones up close.

- Noise cancellation and isolating smartphone microphone

- Life-proof, water-resistant and extremely durable

- Stream music from up to 38 feet away

- Answer your calls from the beach, pool or lake without jeopardizing your smartphone

- Includes audio controller

- Works with iPhones, Androids and virtually any Bluetooth device

- Lowest-recorded price makes this a top pick for students

- Great for athletes, gym buffs and adventurists

- Quick charges in two hours with six hours of battery life in our tests

- Supports multi-device connectivity

50% Off Power Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds + Free Shipping

Was: $49.99

Now: $24.99


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