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3News Investigates: Newly released Cedar Point police records reveal 12 new sexual assault reports since 2017

The number of alleged sexual assaults reported at the Sandusky amusement park is now at least 40.

SANDUSKY, Ohio — The truth behind what really happens beyond the Cedar Point causeway now lies in more than just the park’s hands.

Lawyers representing Cedar Point police in a public records lawsuit brought by WKYC and its sister stations WTOL and WBNS have now released records that reveal 12 additional sexual assault cases in the past five years.

The total number of sexual assault cases now stands at 41, according to police records. Earlier reports obtained from Sandusky police by 3News Investigates found 29 reports filed since 2017.

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3News Investigates, with the help of our sister stations in Columbus and Toledo, have been fighting for records for months.

We first broke the news about dozens of alleged sexual assault cases inside Cedar Point dorms in May 2022.

Throughout the course of our investigation, Cedar Point officials have refused to hand over any of its police reports, claiming its force amounts to a private security firm.

However, records 3News Investigates obtained in August of 2021 showed state certification of the police force, subjugating the department to Ohio public records laws. Those same Cedar Point police officers, unlike security guards, have full arrest powers.

In July, 3News and its parent company, TEGNA, filed a lawsuit in the Ohio Supreme Court for the records. The case is still pending, despite the records release.

Our initial investigation uncovered 27 sexual assault reports in Sandusky police records.

Eighteen of the cases were closed. Only 3 ended in charges.

Amid our investigation, report numbers grew by two. However, Cedar Point records indicate five new reports.

A written agreement between the Sandusky Police Department and Cedar Point in 2014 allowed Cedar Point to police its own grounds.

Sandusky Police Chief Jared Oliver told 3News Investigates his predecessor agreed to take over any felonious cases that happened on park grounds.

In June, Cedar Point and the Sandusky Police Department announced the city would assume all law enforcement responsibilities at the park, leaving the park responsible for only security measures.

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