CLEVELAND — Toward the end of last year, 3News received critical acclaim and national recognition for its podcast Amy Should Be Forty.

The five-part series, hosted by senior reported Andrew Horansky, focuses on the disappearance and eventual murder of 10-year-old Amy Mihaljevic. The young Bay Village girl from the city square in October of 1989, and her body was found in rural Ashland County a little over three months later.

In the podcast, we examine the circumstances surrounding Amy's death, and the possible clues that could at long last help authorities find her killer. The episodes were released around the 30-year anniversary of the day she went missing, and the series eventually made its way to Vulture's list of true-crime podcasts.

Amy Mihaljevic memorial
Andrew Horansky, WKYC

AMY SHOULD BE FORTY: A look back on the murder case of Bay Village's Amy Mihaljevic

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In it's new February issue, Cleveland Magazine featured Amy Should Be Forty as part of its "Audio Files" section. The publication lauded the series as having "arguably amplified Mihaljevic's tale to its widest audience in years."

"I approached it as a person who could be having a shared experience," Horansky, who lives in Bay Village and was born three years before Mihaljevic, told Cleveland. "That's how I found a voice for it: not thinking of it as a news story, but as a person who could be living a parallel life."

You can still listen to Amy Should Be Forty wherever podcasts are found, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, Stitcher and Google Play.