BAY VILLAGE, Ohio — Saturday marks 30 years to the day since a jogger discovered the body of Amy Mihaljevic in a field in Ashland County.

It was 50 miles from her home in Bay Village, the community where she was last seen alive. The 10-year-old had been stabbed, beaten and sexually assaulted. Her killer was never caught.

Amy’s story would become the subject of documentaries, be featured on talk shows, and eventually inspire a podcast from 3News called Amy Should Be Forty.

AMY SHOULD BE FORTY: A look back on the murder case of Bay Village's Amy Mihaljevic

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On Friday, Amy’s father Mark Mihaljevic weighed in on where he was 30 years ago.

"I can remember the day they had found Amy, and everybody had met at the house," he said. "The chief of police and one of the ministers and one of the FBI guys."

Though he was prepared to hear the worst, the news still took him by surprise.

"You’re never prepared for something like that," Mihaljevic said. "You really think you are…what can I say is you just don’t ever get prepared for that."

Over the years, investigators have put up billboards for tips. 

A few years ago, they also shared images of a handmade curtain and blanket found within feet of Amy’s body. They hoped some might recognize it, but never got the tip they needed.

Yet the Mihaljevic family still remains hopeful that Amy’s killer will be found.

"Just hope I live long enough to see it concluded," Mark Mihaljevic said. "Because it’s going to happen."

Watch the full interview with Mark Mihaljevic in the player below: