Kristy Sabo often wonders what her childhood friend, Amy Mihaljevic, would look like today. 

What would she be doing for a living? Would she have children?

Sabo knows she will never have those answers.

“I ask for peace and I ask for love and forgiveness,” Sabo said.

She has spent decades coming to terms with the abduction and murder of her friend. Their community can relate.

Episode 3 of “Amy Should Be Forty” explores the circumstances that may have pushed Amy towards her deadly mistake.

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Producers also test the street-smarts of average children when it comes to strangers. Would they know what to do if approached?

“Amy Should Be Forty” is now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, Stitcher and Google Play. 

3News will spotlight an episode every Wednesday through Dec. 11, which would have been Amy Mihaljevic’s birthday.

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