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Father: SDSU police knew about ‘party house’ where rape alleged

The house has a history of parties in 2020 & 2021 that were not flagged under the police's CAPP program.

SAN DIEGO — The father, whose teenage daughter reported being raped by several San Diego State football players last year, said he reported the incident to SDSU police. He says an officer told him he was “well aware” of the party activities at the house in question.

It has been almost 10 months since the father, who CBS 8 is not identifying, found out his daughter had reported being raped on October 16, 2021 during an off-campus party.

“We’ve gone through a lot of counseling, a lot of sleepless nights,” the father said.

The then 17-year-old had been drinking and does not remember a lot of the details about what happened. 

She previously told CBS 8 that several football players raped her in a bedroom while she was in and out of consciousness.

“My daughter made a poor choice, but the punishment for underage drinking when going to a college party is not getting gang raped by five football players,” the father said.

He said he was pleased to find out last week that San Diego Police detectives had handed over the case to the San Diego County District Attorney's office for possible criminal charges.

But, he believes, San Diego State University officials should have acted sooner.

“When I had reported this to the San Diego State police department, they were well aware of the house and all of its history with throwing wild parties,” the father said.

A CBS 8 producer recorded video of a loud party at the house in 2020.

Public records revealed SDPD officers were called to the house three times in 2021 for loud parties, prior to the alleged rape.

“It’s disappointing that the public is making calls to try and keep their neighborhoods safe, and that the police were either unable to get there in a timely fashion or unable to go at all,” the father said.

Despite the history of party activity, the house was never flagged under an SDPD zero-tolerance program called the Community Assisted Party Program (CAPP), where property owners can be fined $1,000 per party for underage drinking incidents.

The father said he has to wonder if there are other victims out there.

“I don't think that this was an isolated incident, particularly this house. I don't think that the type of event that happened with my daughter just happens spontaneously. I'm sure that these gentlemen probably had some sort of prior with this. There's been no consequences from any legal standpoint or from the university standpoint, so why would they think that there's any consequence to their actions?  Why wouldn't they do it again?” the father said.

SDSU officials previously said the university held off on investigating the students involved at the request of SDPD.

The university can expel students for criminal activity and launched its own investigation on July 22.

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