Garfield Heights — It's a four year-old case.

$20,000 reported stolen from an armored truck in Garfield Heights. Prosecutors say the money remains missing.

But now, one of the two employees operating that truck comes up repeatedly in an unrelated lawsuit. That employee is the adult son of Middleburg Heights Mayor Gary Starr, one of the longest-serving and highest paid mayors in Ohio.

Former police chief John Maddox is suing Starr to collect compensation for unused sick time and for being falsely accused of committing serious crimes.

The Mayor's son, Peter Starr, comes up a number of times in a deposition involving Mayor Starr. The Mayor denies allegations that he wanted Maddox to drop the polygraph test as a requirement for becoming a police officer---a job that Peter Starr sought.

Maddox believes his relationship with the mayor deteriorated quickly when he refused to eliminate the polygraph as a condition of employment.

With a polygraph test, questions may have been asked about Peter Starr's past, including his employment at the Loomis armored truck company when $20,000 went missing.

Channel 3 News has obtained the police file on the case which includes video and detailed statements of a co-worker who accompanied Starr on the truck.

The co-worker cooperated with police and took a polygraph. He wasn't charged. Starr refused to cooperate with police and declined a polygraph, but was also cleared of any wrongdoing.

Garfield Heights Prosecutor Patrick Cooney believes there wasn't probable cause to charge Starr. He says Starr's political ties did not influence his decision.

The co-worker told police Starr was acting suspicious when he was getting ready to punch out. According to the police report, the co-worker offered to throw out Starr's bag of trash, but Starr replied that he would take out his own trash. Instead of tossing it in the garbage, the report says Starr walked it to his car. Cooney says investigators tried to create a similar looking bag with the same amount of money. He felt the evidence was inconclusive.

A lawyer for Peter Starr said Peter should not be dragged into a lawsuit involving his father. He called the Channel 3 report unfair.

Peter Starr abruptly hung up on Investigator Tom Meyer who reached out to get his version of what happened. Mayor Starr declined comment, citing pending litigation.