Two country-themed restaurants on the Flats East Bank never managed to open, but one man managed to profit from both of them—and many more projects like them.

In January, WKYC reported former New York mobster Frank Capri owed more than $65 million in civil judgements for a string of projects that never opened, including the two in the Flats. The same Frank Capri testified against more than seventy mobsters, spending time in witness protection services.

A new report today from The Arizona Republic includes secret recordings they say are from Capri talking about Cleveland developers who were burned not once, but twice.

The paper says Capri was speaking of Rob Clarke, general manager of the Flats East Bank:

"He's trying to put pressure on everybody. To get the f--king place built. But what he's going to do is f--k himself. We threatened him last week, said we're going to quit the job, okay? Then he f--king backed up, okay? So he's being handled. It's going to be fine. I wouldn't lie to you." 

Capri would rack up millions of dollars in development fees from mall developers, who would pay people like Capri to build out massive restaurants in exchange for years-long leases. But the restaurants would almost never open.

Channel 3 reached out to the Flats East Bank management for a comment on these new developments, but our calls were not returned.