Downtown Cleveland is littered with warehouses, some are business others, just empty space.

On the corner of Lakeside and Hamilton Avenue lies a warehouse with a special purpose, exhibiting the arts.

Lab Studios powered by GLO Cleveland serves as an outlet for creatives to express themselves through their muse of choice.

On Saturday, Lab Studios played host to the 'Mo Soul' art and music experience.

Organized by Kindred Klub and GLO Cleveland, the 'Mo Soul' art and music experience brought dozens together for a night of art appreciation.

"[We want] for everyone to embrace their culture, maybe to understand what culture means to them, to see other cultures and to really appreciate art, for what it is for what it means to them." said 'Mos Soul' creative director, Matthew Dennis.

During the event guests were able to network with fellow creatives while enjoying food, drinks and live art.

Entertainment was not to be forgotten as acts such as Chikere Nuru, Rosco No E , Billie Mitchell, J.Leshele ,Wes Will and Lamar Smith ignited the intimate space with energy during their live performances.

Guests could also partake in a little retail therapy with pop-up shops from brands 49K Grand, Glo Cleveland ,Kindredklub Clothing and Minority Clothing.

Dennis, a New York native, says seeing the potential in those around him and in the city of Cleveland is what drives him to facilitate events like 'Mo Soul'.

"[The city is] just growing and I think its great for young professionals who are looking to be creative... there's so [many] people here that are genuine and who want to see true talent and see it exceed.

If you missed this event, don't worry. According to Dennis, more events are to come.

For more information on GLO Cleveland, Lab Studios and their upcoming events, click here.