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#3Heroes: Who is your hero? Send us your pictures and stories to honor those making a difference

We need your help to tell the stories of Northeast Ohio's heroes who are helping make a difference.

OHIO, USA — You've all heard the saying... Not all heroes wear capes.

It's so true, too, especially in these difficult times.

This is where YOU come in. Who is the hero in your life? We want YOU to send us their picture and tell us their heroic stories.

You can send us the details in the following ways -- just be sure to use #3Heroes when sharing the information with us:

Again, remember to include #3Heroes so it's easier for us to locate your information.

Here are some suggestions on identifying the biggest heroes you know... 

Is there a doctor who saved your life? How about the police officer who stopped vandalism in your neighborhood? Could it be the firefighter who lives next door and rushed over to help you put out that grill fire that happened last summer?

None of the above?

Did kids at your school district launch an epic food drive? Maybe it's the teacher who steered you in the right direction, or could it be your parents or kids you've always admired as heroes?

It doesn't matter who they are, we want to feature their heroism on 3News to help remind everybody there are truly amazing things happening every single day.

Sure, the current situation we're all facing is a bit scary. But it's important to remember that we're all in this together.

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