AKRON, Ohio — An Akron woman is gaining attention for her ride-sharing business launched to help busy parents. 

It’s called the Kid Chauffeur Express. Sierra Young, a single mother, has likened it to a kid version of the popular ride-sharing service Uber.

"I started Kid Chauffeur Express because I’m a mom of three girls," said Young. "It's really, really hard. I had to leave my lunch break, go get my kids, bring them back and forth." 

Young started the ride sharing program in 2017. Popular ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft requires anyone under the age of 18 to ride with an adult. Young said she noticed a void in the market. 

"When got the chance to sit down and put this together, this is what I wanted to do to help single parents." 

The program allows kids to ride alone with their parents permission. Young said the drives go through background checks and meet with the families.

"We do meet and greets before we start service, so every parent is able to meet the driver and kid."

Parents can request the same driver for each trip. 

It’s not the first-of-its-kind. There are other ride share programs that offer a similar service. Hop Skip Drive in California conduct a "15-point Driver Certification Process" including background checks and an ongoing review of driving records. Users can also track the child's route on a mobile app.

Young said she's working on her own app to track the routes and hopes to expand her business throughout Northeast Ohio. She’s hired more than a dozen drivers and is working with about 40 families.  

"I’ve needed her a bunch of times, last minute," said Autumn Shaeffer, parent and client of Kid Chauffeur Express.

Shaeffer said she became comfortable with the program when she learned that she would be able to get to know the person behind the wheel before allowing her child to ride alone.

"It’s a sense of peace," said Shaeffer. "Peace of mind."