Members of the Akron police department are giving back to a humane officer who was attacked on the job.

It was an average day for Summit County Humane Officer Tim Harland, who was checking on cases of animal abuse.

But that changed when police say McCullen Webb hit him with a shovel and used a knife to cut him.

Webb also shattered Harland's vehicle.

After many dozens of stitches, Harland is back on the job.

Akron's police department has raised $700 for Harland to help him with his expenses.

“I'm totally humbled by it because, I mean, I was just doing my job like they do every day. I didn't expect anything out of it,” said Harland.

He’s very appreciative, and says it was those same first responders who helped save him after the attack.

He hopes the Akron community appreciates the great work they do.