AKRON, Ohio — It was the moment fans of 97.5 WONE were waiting for...

The classic rock radio station based in Akron had been promoting their big "farewell" announcement for days.

“After sharing over 30 years of your life, it’s been fun. On Monday, March 11 at 7 a.m., the time has come for 97.5 WONE to say farewell.”

When that time arrived Monday morning, host Jeff Kinzbach said management had kept this big "farewell" announcement a secret from all of them.

“This is probably the best radio station that I have ever worked for," Kinzbach said moments before revealing the announcement. "This is a dynamic place, it really is.”

That didn't sound too promising.

OK… So what is happening at WONE? It’s probably not the “farewell” announcement you expected.

Drumroll, please... 

They are giving away free tickets to see KISS during their “farewell” tour at Quicken Loans Arena this Sunday, March 17. WONE will also fly a winner to New York to see KISS perform for the last time in their hometown at the Barclay Center this August.

Fans were worried the "farewell" announcement meant WONE was going to sign off the air forever.

Nope. Just a ticket giveaway (which we predicted it would be, but we thought it was for Peter Frampton instead of KISS).

Many listeners who weren't too happy about the publicity stunt quickly turned to the WONE Facebook page to express their disappointment:

- Michael Gershe: It's time to say farewell who came up with that marketing plan..and I'm a huge KISS fan, but that was weaker than KISS Unmasked album.

- Bill Wright: This special announcement was a bush league move.

- David Hutson: The rock and roll authority needs to mete out some punishment for this one. I was wondering all weekend about which station that I was going to start listening to because I thought my favorite radio station was going bye bye.

- Rhonda Hines: Show this to whoever came up with this latest marketing plan. Very very poor and disappointed in you.

- Ann Stayer: All that over KISS. Very lame!

- Patrick Williams: Weakest promo ever.

- Kathleen Jordan Hohl: Very poorly done.

- Lori Lapczynski: #97.5fail. #WONElame. Maybe your marketing dept needs to realize that upsetting your listeners isn't the way to go.

- Lisa Musser: really? How cruel of the Station mgmt. Am greatly disappointed in whoever thought this was a good stunt & cute. Not acceptable behavior.

Meanwhile, others are relieved WONE isn't going anywhere.

- Denise Kilgore: Omg so glad nothing to do with station you guy's are so awesome... i love you guy's.

- Dottie Gibson: Just greatful you're not going off the air. ...

- Pam Darkow: I laugh in spite of myself! Hey, it got people talking over the weekend, and maybe will make people realize to appreciate things while they still are, instead of mourning them when they're gone. Was it the greatest promotion of all time? No! I'm glad they're not going off the air and everyone is healthy and not retiring. Carry on!"