CLEVELAND — They say a father-daughter bond is unbreakable.

One Akron family is proving that to be true by making history in taking the Bar Exam together.

Some families have a swear jar. The Smiths have a Bar jar.

Every time Tim or his daughter, Sarah, talked about the Bar or any legal topic, they had to put a dollar into the jar.

Needless to say, it filled up pretty quickly.

Not only did they attend the University of Akron together, but this duo made history by becoming the first to take the Bar exam at the same time.

“It’s nice to have a support system that knows what you went through because they went through it with you,” Sarah said.

It was also a first for law professor Jack Sahl, too.

“I remember saying, 'You’re kidding me,' because it was a first for me, too, and I’ve been doing this for some time now and it’s always interesting to see how a class develops a sense of community."

That strong community came in handy for study groups and cramming for finals, guiding them through law school until the big day.

A moment neither Sarah nor Tim took for granted.

Pass or fail they both say this experience only tighten their bond.

They will find out if they passed on April 26.