The Akron Board of Education has announced the laying off of 93 of its employees, including teachers, administrators, custodians, and tutors, for the 2017-18 school year.

The cuts come as three buildings in the Akron Public School district close their doors: Kenmore High School, Kent Middle School, and Bettes Elementary.

The areas of reduction include:

  • 3 administrative positions
  • 31 teaching positions
  • 35 tutor positions
  • 5 office support positions
  • 13 custodial services positions
  • 3 full-time hearing impaired interpreter positions
  • 3 part-time hearing impaired interpreter positions

The Board of Education also has made numerous reductions via attrition, including retirements, promotions, and resignations. Staff will be eligible for recall if additional openings occur.

In a statement made after Monday's decision, Superintendent David W. James said: “We must continue to be fiscally responsible with taxpayer dollars. In the end, that is what necessitates this eventuality for Akron Public Schools. It is most unfortunate that we must let go of outstanding educators and staff due to our economic position. My hope is that staff will be recalled to vacancies that occur to enable them to continue their service to our students and families.”