The Akron Public Schools district is warning parents to be wary of a drone that has been reported flying over Windemere Community Learning Center.

According to a letter issued to school parents by Windemere principal Megan Lee-Wilfong on Monday, the drone has reportedly been spotted flying around school grounds in the evening. It's been seen three to four times during the past week.

The drone allegedly has a voice technology component enabling its user to speak to children on the playground. Witnesses claim the drone's voice has attempted to lure children away from school grounds.

"The drone was trying to interact with them... Wanted to see if they would meet them at a dollar store which is about three blocks away from where the school is," said Daniel Rambler, Akron Public Schools Director of Student Support Services and Security.

The district is warning parents to have an adult accompany children to the playground and review safety precautions with your child.

"We've always known of stranger danger, and we teach it to kids constantly, but it's now not just people, but things," Rambler said. "Make sure you go over with your kids, what are your expectations if your kids are on the playground and somebody comes up to them, what is your expectation of what they do. Same thing if there's a remote control device that does that."