The weight of just what ALL WAS LOST in a now burnt-out shell of a home on Fultz St. In Akron.

It's the home of a family recently back from a Florida vacation. Now relatives are still waiting for answers and struggling to make sense of what happened May 15, 2017. The early morning hours of the day after Mother's Day.

Durand Huggins never saw it coming, but when he saw the flames from the home on Fultz, he says his "heart dropped".

His brother, his brother's girlfriend and 5 of their kids died there.

"I just don't understand how it's possible everyone could pass away," says Huggins.

The parents: Dennis Huggins and Angela Boggs, and five children: 14-year-old Jared, 6-year-old Daisia (Deja), 5-year-old Kyle, 3-year-old Alivia, and 1-year-old Cameron.

7 lives taken in the seconds it took the fire to sweep through their home. Dennis, Durand says, was an electrician by trade, a full time dad by choice.

UPDATE | Person of interest in Akron fire being held in Portage County

Angela was a dialysis technician, who Durand Huggins calls a "hard working good mom workaholic".

"It's a tragedy because one hour later, she would have been up getting ready for work. ONE HOUR LATER!," says Durand Huggins.

SO MUCH LOST, when they just went to sleep like any other night and didn't wake up.

"We can never forget something like that, but we have to keep the happy thoughts and the good memories. like Daisia walking for the first time," said Durand Huggins.

Uncle Durand remembers shooting video of Daisia's first steps 5 years ago. As he points out today, "It still hasn't all sunk in yet".

Two parents.

A teenager.

And FOUR tiny lives lost.

"They were just raised into a family of love they loved us. We all loved each other to tell our other nieces and nephews they lost cousins their OWN AGE. How do you begin to do that?" says Durand Huggins.

For the uncle wearing God and the name of his church literally right there front and center on his T-shirt, it comes down to faith in action, faith tested.

"That's all I have and I believe God knows what He's doing. It sounds cliche but 'Carpe Diem.' Gotta seize the day. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us," says Durand Huggins.