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Good Samaritan saves man from car fire in Akron

John Hansen was heading home to South Carolina, when he spotted a Jeep driving by on fire. He got the driver out just before it exploded.

AKRON, Ohio — It's not every day you see a car with flames coming out underneath driving down the highway.

John Hansen had just gotten in his new car and was headed home to Greenville, South Carolina when a silver Jeep in flames drove by on I-77 in Akron.

"He pulled off to the shoulder of the road and sat there on the phone and I pulled in front of him in case his vehicle exploded," Hansen said.

Hansen is no stranger to pulling over to help strangers, his previous job had him putting in a lot of miles on the road. So it wasn't even a question whether or not he'd pull over to help.

"I told him he needed to get out of there because he might explode with the vehicle and so, he could just see the steam from the front he couldn't see the flames underneath it," Hansen said.

After the man got out of the car, that's when Hansen says it exploded. Shortly after, the Akron Fire Department was on the scene.

"When they sprayed that vehicle, in seconds it, you couldn't see it for a second soot was flying in the air, then all of a sudden, it was out," Hansen said.

3News spoke with Akron Fire's Public Information Officer, who confirmed they responded to three car fires just on Wednesday. 

This highlights the importance of making sure your car is well-maintained, especially in this high heat, to help prevent cars overheating and in some cases, catching fire.

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